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Your Wife by Covenant

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In this four-part, 8 hour series, Ryan will expound on various aspects of Biblical marriage and divorce in context of the ancient Near East and First Century cultures.

Part 1:  Marriage as a Covenant

Is marriage a covenant or just a contract between two people?  In part 1 we will look into the difference between a covenant and a contract and will show how marriage is indeed a covenant and that many of the rituals involved in ancient covenant making carry over into today’s marriages.  Building off this we will then discuss the implications that a covenant has on our own marriages today.

Part 2: It is Not Good for Man to be Alone

In Part 2, Ryan will go in depth into Genesis 2 & 3 using the Hebrew language as well as idiomatic expressions and cultural understanding from the ancient Near East to show how Genesis 2 & 3 give God’s plan for a perfect marriage as well as His wisdom on how to restore a broken marriage.

Part 3: Marriage & Divorce in the Ancient Near East

Have you ever found some of the culture and commandments in the Torah surrounding marriage to be confusing?  In Part 3, Ryan will discuss the culture and customs surrounding betrothal, marriage “price”, divorce, and much more that were part of the ancient Near East society in Israel and the surrounding nations.  Using this information, we will then be able to look into Deuteronomy 24 and get a correct interpretation of this chapter as well as determine why remarriage after divorce can “defile the land”.

Part 4: Marriage & Divorce According to Yeshua & Paul

In Part 4, Ryan will discuss the changes in culture from the times the Torah was written in to the First Century and will elaborate on some of the rulings and arguments between the various branches of Judaism in the First Century.  Building off this understanding, we will finally be able to get the proper context for Matthew 19 to see if divorce is allowed in cases of abuse as well as adultery.  We will also look at 1 Corinthians 7 to see how Paul ruled on marriage and divorce for new believers coming into the body who may have been married or divorced prior to conversion.